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2 June 2012

Its our 3rd Birthday today!

Cycle Assist Team has now been in business for 3 years.

Thanks again to our loyal and hardworking members. We really appreciate all of your efforts.

Warm regards from Chris and the Admin team  


21 April 2012

We have just started our new revenue sharing plan in which everyone earns Every Day!

Positions cost R100. See

Each position earns R2.00 per day for 75 days giving you R50.00 profit per position.

You may purchase new positions at any time with your earnings.

By compounding your earnings your income grows. 

You earn 10% commission on all the positions your direct referrals purchase.

You earn 5% commission on all the positions your second level team members purchase.

You may cash out when you have a minimum balance of R200.00



1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012!

22 December 2011

Holiday Season

We will be operating right through the holidays so that we can pay people when they cycle.

We will only be closed on Christmas day and New Years day.


Enjoy your Holidays

7 December 2011

At the request of our members

A number of leaders in our business requested that we put together a new compensation plan

They feel they have been let down by other opportunities and know that we always pay our members on time and have done so for a number of years

For more information go to


28 October 2011

Presentation on 12 November

Chris will be giving a presentation to explain how DefenceX can give you a monthly, weekly and daily income.

Venue: Phiri Hall, 448 Mabalane Street, Phiri

Time: 12h00

Date: 12 November


2 June 2011

Happy Birthday to us!

We have been in business for 2 years.

We are extremely grateful to all our wonderful members who have made this possible.

Warm regards

Chris Walker and the Admin team.


4 March 2011


Cycle payments: You are paid the day after you cycle. Except if you cycle on Saturday, then you will be paid on Monday.

Leaderships bonuses: Paid every Monday.

Important: Please make sure that your account number and branch code are correct in your back office.  


24 February 2011

Launching into Africa and beyond!

International members may now join Cycle Assist Team.

We will be using AlertPay as a way of receiving funds from members and as a way to pay commissions.

AlertPay has a Mastercard debit card which you can order and use to make purchases at stores. You may also use it to withdraw cash at an ATM.

The cost to join the Navigator will be $42 for international members.

If people do not have an Alertpay account we will show them how to open one and use it.

For more information contact   


17 February 2011


If you would like your earnings paid into your back office so that you may activate new members, please type in the words Back office instead of your bank account number.

New members can then pay you cash for activating them.

To activate new members:

Step1: Register them on the Join Now page. Make a note of the username and password you have chosen.

Step2: Log in with your username and password.

Step3: Click on the Activate New Member button, enter the username of the new person that needs to be activated. Choose the correct program and click on Search. Make sure it is the correct person and then click Yes. 

If you would like your earnings paid into your bank account, please make sure that your account number and branch code are correct.  


8 February 2011

Pyxism back office

Pyxism has made some significant improvements to the members back office area.

1 January 2011


Please take note of the changes that have been made to the cycle payments on the Powerboard.

See the How It Works page for more information. 



Happy New Year! 

Have a wonderful New Year and please do not drink and drive.  

31 December 2010

Fortune 2x2

Fortune 2x2 paid out their first commissions today. Congratulations to everyone that has already earned.



25 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful members! 

Please drive carefuly and drink responsibly.

20 December 2010

Fortune 2x2

Unfortunately Fortune 2x2 had a technical problem shortly after they launched. We will just have to be patient over the next couple of days while they sort out the issue. In the short time that the website was up a lot of our team members had already earned!  

14 December 2010

Holiday Season

We will be operating right through the holidays so that we can pay people when they cycle.

We will only be closed on Christmas day and New Years day.

Please drive carefully and drink responsibly!   

        09 December 2010


Fortune2x2 is launching on 15 December. Make sure you join and pay now. You will then have a better chance of people being placed under you.

Cost R400

        15 November 2010

Upgrades to website:

We are making some upgrades to the board system. Please do not activate new members today.

Thank you for your patience. 


8 November 2010

New Leadership bonus program:

We have just launched our latest compensation plan.

The cost to join is R250 and it is designed to help people to join Pyxism for a fraction of the cost.

Leaders will receive R50 for every member that they activate from their back office.

Cycle payments are R500 and R4000 plus you can also earn a laptop.

Contact us and we will send you the presentation.



3 November 2010

PYXISM Debit cards.

Please note that due to the high demand, your PYXISM debit cards can take up to eight weeks to arrive.

This will not affect you receiving your commission as they will pay it directly into your bank account.

Their payout days are every Tuesday and Friday. 


15 October 2010
Important Notice:
The price for the 2x2 will increase from R300 to R400 on 15 November 2010.


8 October 2010

Leadership Bonus Program coming soon.

We will be selecting ten leaders that will earn a percentage of their teams weekly turnover.

Certain rules will apply.



30 September 2010

Important News

Please note the changes to the Powerboard compensation plan.


22 September 2010

Update to compensation plans.

Please view or download the updated compensation plans on the How it Works page. The presentations now show the inclusion of another income stream for our members. 

7 August 2010


If you would like your earnings loaded into your back office so that you may activate new members, please type in the words " Back office" instead of your bank account number.

If you would like your earnings paid into your bank account please make sure your account number and branch code is correct.  


15 July 2010

New Powerboard Bonus until end of July!

When any of your direct referrals cycle from the Feederboard, R500 will be loaded into your back office. This can then be used to pay for new members in your team.

You can have as many direct referrals as you want. 


24 June 2010

The Powerboards were up over the last few days but are not available again for final testing. Thank you for you patience.


17 June 2010

Due to a computer virus, members will not be able to view their Powerboards this week. The database in the United States has to be restored. Please do not sign up any new members on the Powerboard until this has been sorted out. 

This is very frustrating for all of us, so we would appreciate your patience during this time.

The 2x2 R300 Board has not been affected so it is business as usual for this compensation plan.


16 June 2010

Work is still being done on the website so the Member Login area is still not available. Once again we apologise for any inconvenience. 

Good luck to Bafana Bafana!!!


15 June 2010

Members will not be able to access their back office today as we are making some important security upgrades to the site.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


14 June 2010

Our new member support office is now open.

Address: Office 1, Second Floor, Black Chain Shopping Centre, Baragwanath, Gauteng.


12 June 2010

Please ensure that you add your bank account to the Personal Details section of your back office. You must include the branch code as well. We are spending too much time trying to get hold of people for their bank details.


10 June 2010

Please note: Due to the soccer our support line will not be available after 2pm on Friday 11 June. 

Good luck Bafana Bafana!!!!!


27 May 2010 

Our Soweto support office will be ready soon. We have just been given the keys, so we will be getting it ready over the next few days.

Address: Office 1, Second Floor, Black Chain Shopping Centre, Baragwanath.


20 May 2010

We will be opening an office in Soweto soon, we will notify everyone by sms when it is open.


10 May 2010

Leadership Training in Soweto 8-9 May.

The Soweto Eagles.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Leadership Training over the weekend. The Soweto Eagles are the number one team in the business at the moment.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work!



09 March 2010

Important notice:

The Pre-launch price special for the Powerboard is now over.

The price to join the Powerboard is now R500.



04 March 2010

Presentation in Mafikeng 27 February

Tshepo Xashe,Lucky Mosotetsi,Chris Walker,Kitso Morule,Thabo Mogatwe and Lebo Sekgoro

We had a wonderful meeting in Mafikeng with a full house! A big thank you to all the guests and members who attended.

Kitso Morule gave a fantastic presentation which motivated us all. Thanks Kitso!



27 January 2010

Important Notice to all members .

We have a new system in place that automatically sends a welcome SMS to new members.

It will also notify members whenever they have cycled or earned a referral commission. Please make sure that the cell phone number is entered correctly when you register new members.

A lot of our members who joined before we launched have not added their cell phone numbers to their profile. Please do so as soon as possible so you do not miss any notifcations that may be sent to you.

Thank you and keep up the good work.